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Opportunities for Discovery, Choice and Self-Determination

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In a world where being different means isolation, we envision a world where people with autism, intellectual disabilities and mental health needs are respected, valued members of the community.


Our homes offer around the clock care, therapeutic services and life-skills training.

Discovery, Choice and Self-Determination


MISSION:  We build opportunities for discovery, choice and self-determination that improves the lives of children and adults with co-occurring autism, intellectual disabilities and mental health needs

The Hope House team is truly dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities.

VISION:  We envision a world where people with autism, intellectual disabilities and mental health needs are respected valued members of the community.

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Stories That Inspire


     Pages and pages of Sam's art was exhibited at our 3rd annual fundraising dinner held in November.  "Look the samurai are fighting. I also draw hearts, you know, for the girls.  Do you like it?" Sam asked the onlookers and they looked through his stack of distinctive artwork, using mostly pens and colorful markers.  READ MORE


     Now 17, Alex is now able to recognize his room and can almost eat and wash his face independently.  He loves Disney movies and cartoons, has gained a healthy amount of weight and has minimal signing ability - he especially tries to sign "please", "more" and "thankyou." And, prior to Covid he would always hug his mom when she visited and was walking a bit more on outings.


     Jaquelin's mom writes:  "In 2002, when Jaquelin was 11, I was looking for a program because we were at a point in her development where I felt she was in a holding pattern and not making any progress.  In addition to communication and self care, we had some behavioral issues arise and I felt I could be stifling her ability to move forward by not looking for other opportunities. Within the first few months of being at Hope House, Jaquelin exceeded in areas in which I was afraid she had reached her capacity."